Letter & File Management System

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Welcome To Letter & File Management System (LFMS)

LFMS – Letter & File Management System is a internet & intranet base solution for all government functionaries to monitor their Daily Branch, Section and Table wise letter and file movement of their own Office. LFMS is helping for electronic letter inwards, letter movement from one desk to another desk, creation of desk wise files and letter draft for approval, dispatch of letters, desk wise setting due dates and reminders, desk wise queries and report and migration of letters and files from one desk to another desk.

Key Features of the LFMS System:

♦ Electronic inward of letters and files.

♦ Movement of letters and Files from one desk to other desk.

♦ Electronic Creation of Desk wise Files & Letter Drafts for approval and final issue Dispatch of letters.

♦ Setting Desk wise Due Dates and Reminders.

♦ Message System to the citizens regarding the letter acknowledgement.

♦ Dash Board at Office Head, Branch Head level to monitor the Letter & File movement.

♦ Message System to the Office Head and HODs regarding the letter and file daily status.

♦ Queries and Reports at Office Head, Branch Head and Desk Head.